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Helping malnourished children in Africa!
Please send  SMS messages with the name DMS ALBERT  to the number 877, if you would like to support a nutrition programme in Kwale in Kenya!
Thank you! :)

This nutritional  programme  involves   the  taking care    of malnourished children in poor areas. Experts from Trnava University and the Albert Association has many years of experience with implementating this programme in various areas of Kenya. The programme firstly screens to find mothers with young children and thereafter seeks to transfer to them  basic  knowledge  in health,  and social care, vocational counselling, good nutrition, prevention of childhood diseases and HIV / AIDS, material aid.
Guarantee programme:Prof. Bohumil Chmelik, PhD, MD; Prof. Adriana Ondrusova, PhD, MD; Prof. Martin Rusnak, PhD, MD;  Jarmila Pekarcikova, PhD, MPH

Charitable fundraising is permitted by the Ministry of Interior in the period from 12/01/2010 to 11/30/2011.

Please donate to the account no. 2810109656/0200

The collected funds will be used abroad in the nutrition programme for malnourished children in poor areas of Kwale in Kenya.
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Webmaster: Jarmila Pekarcikova;
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